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Acesonic DGX2200 CDG/DVD/Mp3+G player/ripper (Acesonic_DGX2200)

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Multi-format karaoke player with high definition video output.

Plays most downloaded karaoke tracks that are in MP3G format.Convert CD+G Discs into MP3+Gs at 1x or 4X the Speed.

Digitally record your singing into an MP3G file to USB or SD Card with the push of a button

Direct Access Front Panel Design: Open, Close, Play, Pause, Previous, Next, 0 – 9 Number, Key , Microphone Volume, Echo Volume+/- 6 Steps Key ControlProgressive Scan up to 1080p HD Video OutputHeadphone Output Jack.Video Output: HDMI, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, VGA VideoAudio Output: 2 Channel (L/R), 5.1 Channel, Optical and CoaxialTwo 1/4? Microphone Inputs with Individual Volume ControlVideo Signal System: PAL/ NTSC/ AUTO

Digital Recording – This totally independent feature can record your speeches or dictations without needing to have a disc playing. You can also record singing along with audio and lyrics essentially creating an MP3G with you leading the vocals! Playback recordings with a push a button and easily see if your timing is in sync with the words on screen. Great for practice. Great for sharing.

Professional mixer – Built-in professional mixer greatly improves sound quality

Full MP3G Support – With MP3G becoming the new standard for karaoke because it is easy to store and transport, the DGX-220 will play MP3+G from CDs, DVDs, memory cards, or USB drives. Supports up to 5,000 MP3Gs

CD+G to MP3G Converter – Go digital! Convert all your CD+G discs into MP3G and store them on SD cards, external hard drives or USB flash drives. Simply place your CD+G into the disc tray and encode directly to your storage device. You need only check off the tracks or the entire disc

Faster Ripping Speeds – Capture a CD or CD+G disc to MP3 or MP3+G at 1x or the faster 4x speed and save you over 75% of capturing time.

More Control Over Your Files – Delete files right off your storage device without a computer. You can also name your individual tracks when ripping a disc.

Song List Creator for Jukebox Function – The DGX-220 will scan the entire drive and create a text file containing song information and a song number. You’ll just need to punch in the song number to play a song and you can print out the song list through you PC.

Search – Find your favorite songs by using keywords found in the file name.

HDMI Port – Allows 1 connection from player to your TV for both audio and video, including microphone audio. You can turn any HDMI Monitor into a karaoke screen. Sending audio signal digitally, you are getting the best sound quality without any interference

MIC Audio through COAX & Optical Output – The only player to output microphone/vocal audio through COAX & Optical outputs eliminating the need for complex settings or connections.

Headphone Jack – Built-in to the front panel so you can listen to your tracks privately

Play Last Recorded Track – Just push a single button after recording to playback. No more spending lots of time going through menus leaving more time to record.

Full 1080p – Pictures are displayed as clear as possible up to 1920×1080 resolution Using the HDMI output.

Cue On Function – Player will stop at end of each track to wait for your next song selection.

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