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Would you like a karaoke set up for home or professional use on a laptop, The laptops we buy are business grade, Price does depend on whether the laptop is a 15" or 17".  Capital Karaoke can help you out.  Give us a call on 07 5443 4355 or see below with an idea on being set up.  

15" Laptop top suit - $1199.00 - $1399.00


The software we recommend and use is PCDJ KaraokI - $149

You will also need a HDMI to Component converter which is $149.00 + $15 for the HDMI lead. 

Now it's time to get some songs on your laptop.  Song packages depend on how much you want to spend, the more you spend the more songs you get.

Here is a great starter set with all the "must have's" that will give you roughly 3200 songs
Ultimate Karaoke Digital K2 2000 Most Requested Tracks $1799.00 RRP, Special $1499.00     
Big Hits Volume 1 to 65 - $1,300
Capital Karaoke Collection - $495

There are additional packs that are also available for the above collection, talk to our friendly staff

Another option and will give you roughly 14,000 songs
Chartbuster MP3G Digital Collection  - $3,995
Big Hits Volume 1 to 65 - $1,330
Capital Karaoke Collection - $495
Talk to our friendly staff today and let us help you set yourself up to host karaoke.
For more information call 07 5443 4355 or email us