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Skytec STM3018 Mixer with W/ Microphone Skytec STM3018 Mixer with W/ Microphone (SKYTECSTM3018A)

Price: $189.00

The Skytec STM-3018A is a complete mixer system with Bluetooth media support, and a wireless VHF microphone. With a 300W Peak power amplifier built in this is the perfect for small mobile performers wanting a compact and portable option for their equipment.

A 6-channel 300W mixer and amplifier with BT receiver for streaming your audio to the mixer. Also features a VHF microphone system which has a clear and accurate sound quality. Comes with an assignable crossfader, Cue selector, headphone volume control, talkover function on both microphone channels and phono/line switches. All in all a multifunctional mixer and ideal for events, parties, karaoke, home use etc.

6-Channel mixer with gain control
2x 150W amplifier

BT receiver for streaming audio

VHF microphone system

Microphone 1 and Microphone 2 talkover

Echo delay and repeat

Cue selector

Assignable crossfader