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Chauvet Hurricane 2D Hazer Chauvet Hurricane 2D Hazer (2DHAZER)

List Price: $449.00
Price: $419.00
You Save: $30.00 (7%)
Hurricane™ Haze 2D is a water-based haze machine with continuous output and a digital display to set DMX and stand alone functions with ease. It features adjustable blower output speeds and nozzle to get the haze where you need it. The low fluid indicator gives a warning before running out of fluid. An included wired, timer remote stores conveniently in the fixture.

Water-based haze machine that creates a thin atmosphere to enhance any light show
Continuous output after minimal initial warm-up ensures the haze is always ready
Digital display sets DMX functions and stand-alone settings with ease
Haze output and blower speeds are adjustable in stand-alone mode via digital display (no controller needed)
User-adjustable output angle ensures the haze goes where it’s needed
Low-fluid indicator automatically turns off the machine when the tank is empty
Includes wired, timer remote with storage compartment for easy transportation


Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine (BUBBLEMACHINE)

Price: $39.00

Designed for large areas, where portability remains a top need. It features an all plastic construction to prevent rust and lower weight, with an easily removable fluid tank. This unit is a mobile DJ's workhorse.

  • Plastic construction prevents rust
  • Easily removable fluid tank


Antari F80Z Fog Machine Antari F80Z Fog Machine (F80ZFOGMACHINE)

Price: $149.00
Antari Antari F80Z Alpha Party Fogger
"Alpha" Mini Fog Machine

The Antari F80Z has been a market leader, in both performance and reliability. Even though under 4.5kg, the 700w heater and 800ml tank pump out 2500 cubic feet a minute of rich mist.

The F80Z meets all Australian and international safety and compliance standards and comes with a remote control. Operate from the floor, or mount via the included hanging bracket and watch the fog cascade down.

Note: Requires fog fluid for operation - available separately.

Key Features:-
• 700w Heater Block
• Remote control
• Fast warm up time
• Compact and portable

* Output power/level: 70m3/min (2500 ft3/min)
* Warm up time: 4 min
* Tank Capacity: 800mL
* Weight: 4kg
* Dimensions: 330x160x130mm