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Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine (BUBBLEMACHINE)

Price: $39.00

Designed for large areas, where portability remains a top need. It features an all plastic construction to prevent rust and lower weight, with an easily removable fluid tank. This unit is a mobile DJ's workhorse.

  • Plastic construction prevents rust
  • Easily removable fluid tank


Antari F80Z Fog Machine Antari F80Z Fog Machine (F80ZFOGMACHINE)

Price: $149.00
Antari Antari F80Z Alpha Party Fogger
"Alpha" Mini Fog Machine

The Antari F80Z has been a market leader, in both performance and reliability. Even though under 4.5kg, the 700w heater and 800ml tank pump out 2500 cubic feet a minute of rich mist.

The F80Z meets all Australian and international safety and compliance standards and comes with a remote control. Operate from the floor, or mount via the included hanging bracket and watch the fog cascade down.

Note: Requires fog fluid for operation - available separately.

Key Features:-
• 700w Heater Block
• Remote control
• Fast warm up time
• Compact and portable

* Output power/level: 70m3/min (2500 ft3/min)
* Warm up time: 4 min
* Tank Capacity: 800mL
* Weight: 4kg
* Dimensions: 330x160x130mm