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Beamz - LED RGB Bar (LEDBAR)

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This 4-channel DMX LED bar has 384 colored RGB LEDs and is designed for multiple purposes. The unit has the possibility for static colors, strobe, dimmer and color mixing. With 23 built-in programs, various running modes and adjustable speed this unit can create a flashing and colorful light show.

Power: 32W
Beam angle: 53° x 27°

Field angle: 68° x 46°

No. of LEDs: 384x 5mm (128x Red, 128x Green, 128, Blue)

DMX channels: 4
DMX connection: 3-pin XLR
Dimensions: 965 x 90 x 120mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Beamz RGB Colour Wash Bar

  • 1 m LED Bar
  • 384 LEDs (128x RGB each)
  • 24 blocks, 12 sections controllable
  • 23 built-in programs
  • DMX LED display and keys
  • Strobe and dimmer function
  • Universal DMX control or stand alone
  • Master/slave operation
  • Colour-changing, runway effect up to 32 units via master/slave mode
  • Sound activated and Auto mode
  • Daisy chain possibility

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